A Day on Safari


Upon your arrival, you will be met by the camp staff and your luggage will be carried in for you. Once you check in, you will generally be shown around the guest area and given a brief introduction of the property as well as the daily routine. If at any time you have a question or do not understand - ask.

It is customary for the staff to ask you if you have any dietary requirements and if you have any special event you will be celebrating. Please do pay special attention to the daily routine as well as any safety information - some camps or lodge do have wildlife entering the camp or lodge.

After this you will be taken to your room, here you will be briefed on everything that pertains to your accommodation. If in doubt - ask!



Yogurts, fresh fruit, cereals, cold meats, cheese, fresh bread, buns and jams.

Cooked Breakfast

Eggs (fried, omelets, scrambled or boiled), fried bacon or macon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and potatoes, toast, tea and coffee.

Lunch (Optional Extra)

Lunch is generally a light meal featuring a dish that is not too heavy such as quiche, pasta, a basic beef or chicken dish along with salads, cheese and rolls.


Snacks with pre-dinner drinks, a starter and a choice of two or three main dishes as well as cooked vegetables, salads, rolls, deserts, cheese board, tea and coffee.

Daily Routine

Once you have had your early morning fill (after breakfast), the game activity will begin - the sooner you get out, the better your chance of seeing something really great.

More or less halfway through the drive, the guide will make a stop and refreshments will be served. You will then return to the camp or lodge by 10:00.

Depending on the camp / lodge routine, you might enjoy a full breakfast or brunch. If you have a late breakfast, you can then expect lunch at around 13:00.

Guests are then provided with a rest period until around 15:00. How this leisure period is spent is up to you - the most important part is to relax and enjoy the downtime. Most camps / lodges will then serve a late lunch or High tea at around this time.

Let's have a talk together

If you have any questions, or require any form of additional information please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in whatever way we possibly can.


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